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Many years in Digital Advertising, Marketing and eCommerce turn into vast Experience and Network

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If you are a Publisher that wants to gain more advertising revenues

If you are Ad-tech or Mar-tech that wants to scale

If you are an Online Shop that wants to sell more

If you are an Executive who wants to get insights in Digital Media

About Us

Our Beliefs

Over the last 20 years Torben Heimann has led the launch of innovative digital offerings in advertising, marketing and ecommerce. He is experienced as publisher, marketer, marketing service partner and technology vendor. Today, these companies generate sales in the multi-digit million range up to over a billion euros per year.

Driven by passion.
Fascinated by people.
Inspired by innovation.

Torben can help applying the winning strategies that drive enterprise value at today’s most valuable firms.

Reliable independent expertise.

We partner with extraordinary professionals from around the globe.

How We Can Help

Market Entry

  • Make a difference to have more success.
  • Enter new markets with a tailored approach.
  • We can advise, connect and execute.
  • Start faster, spend less, and win more.
  • From concept to company. Get what you need.
  • Go-To Germany.
  • Go-To Europe.
  • Go international.


  • We are inspired by innovation.
  • Worldwide we are in contact with new technologies to increase sales with and through advertising and automation.
  • We can get involved to identify the next innovation topics that are relevant for you.
  • You will find the right partners with us.
  • Take advantage.


  • You deserve more than you get today?
  • You want to know and do it yourself?
  • Here we are.
  • We can look at your current status, see opportunities, suggest optimization and agree next steps with you.
  • Lift your advertising revenues.
  • Increase sales in your online shop.
  • Grow.

We are independent and focus exclusively on your goals.


What People Say

For many years, Torben has been a very senior and professional colleague and business partner for our clients. In an industry that is Always rapidly growing and changing he’s been a very stable, successful and trustworthy representative of our business in Germany and has always carried the flag of first Improve Digital and later Azerion with great passion. I would like to thank Torben for the dedication and the sustainable footprint he has achieved in Germany during his time with us.

Sebastian Moesman, CRO, CSO Azerion

Torben is a digital expert with extensive experience in the online advertising and ad tech industries. He has an exceptionally strong network in the European media markets, and built up invaluable relationships with clients, partners, and colleagues. Torben is highly professional, dependable and always a pleasure to work with

René Plug, Media Executive

I’ve worked with Torben as a colleague for 3 years. He’s one of the most loyal, result-oriented LEADERS I have ever worked with. He has done an amazing job by renewing his team with great results. There are not many guys I give AAA rating with high recommendations, but for him, any given day.

Timo Ronkainen, CEO Tulos

Torben very successfully rolled out Improve Digital in the DACH region by building out a high class local team and growing senior relationships directly. Torben is loyal, hands-on, commercially driven and a true networker. His knowledge and network in the field of digital advertising and e-commerce are deep. People love to work for him and I strongly recommend Torben to any tech company looking to enter into the DACH market.

Joëlle Frijters, CEO & Co-Founder, Improve Digital

I was fortunate to work with Torben for more than 2 years at Azerion. He has proved expertise in digital media and is exceptionally result-driven. Torben is also capable of shaping and delivering strategic decisions in dynamic environment. He led continuous transformation and growth of the DACH market, and has trusted, high-standard professional ethic. His customer-focus has brought numerous opportunities which he developed with an always forward-looking approach.

Momchil Y. Nasvadi, Technical Consultant

I worked with Torben for around three years at the German TradeDoubler office and reported into him when he became Managing Director in 2009. With his calm, persistent, reliable and empathetic style he successfully lead our team through challenging times. Torben always supported me in a great way and enabled me to achieve targets in my new role. I would work with Torben again anytime.

Matthias Stadelmeyer, CEO Tradedoubler


I recently completed this Strategy Sprint taught by one of the great business minds of our time.

I am a Certified Prof G Strategist

Trained by renowned GAFA expert and NYU Professor Scott Galloway who is also bestselling author of The Four, entrepreneur, board member etc., I can apply the winning strategies of the digital age to your business, identify new opportunities to create growth, and make actionable strategic recommendations.

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