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We have helped many publishers to grow their digital advertising revenues. We know the challenges and choices. Your needs are constantly changing in this fast moving industry. Ad-stacks are becoming more and more complex with many technologies involved. It doesn’t seem easy to stay on top. As an independent partner we can help you to achieve this. 

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You are making good money with advertising today. You have set-up your ad-stack combining fully automated programmatic and directly sold revenues. You are leveraging your 1st party data. Your strategy is mobile first. Your main focus is video and amazing creatives that show highest quality whatever screen your users are choosing. You are working with all the leading SSPs and demandpartners. You are monitoring in real-time to understand any moment in any moment. You have clarity on buying patterns and get informed which demandpartner you’d better to talk to now. Your users’ consent is managed well to fulfil obligations and allow advertising. You can see if a hick-up occurs, where, what technology, placement or rule is affected. Your content layout is optimized in real-time for optimized viewability, amount and format of ads. You have your trading desk in place to increase budgets as you help your advertisers meet their goals on your and others inventories.

Awesome! You did a fantastic job. It looks you are well positioned for now. What do you think is the next relevant topic to make a difference?

If you don’t have this in place yet, we can help you to do this. We can look at your current status, see opportunities, suggest optimization and agree next steps together. Want to know how?

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